HTFC Receives National and Regional Recognition from the CSLA!

HTFC was the proud recipient of a 2012 National Honour Award for our work with First Nation land claims; and a 2012 Regional Citation Award for our work within the City of Kenora from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects.

National Honour Award for Resolve: Negotiation and Implementation of Aboriginal Land Claims

This work demonstrates pioneering work by landscape architects and excellence in the application of landscape architectural knowledge, skills, and values to non-traditional areas of professional practice.

The work has contributed to the resolution of long-standing grievances between aboriginal people and governments, leading to reconciliation, healing, and restoration.

The breadth of work is remarkable as evidenced by the diversity of the subject matter, expansive study areas, the span of time, and the eclectic roles and responsibilities of the landscape architect.

HTFC’s ground-breaking accomplishments in aboriginal land claims demonstrate the unique capabilities and knowledge of landscape architects and raise the discipline’s profile amongst aboriginal communities, governments, other professionals, and the public.

Regional Citation Award for Emerge: The Transformation of Kenora from Industry to Tourism

The completion of the initial phases of Kenora’s Downtown and Waterfront Revitalization marks a major milestone in the transformation of this city from a community tied to its industrial past to a forward looking, regional tourism hub. Both identities are intimately tied to the landscape: the shift from resource extraction to scenic and recreational values is part of a sustainable long-term vision that the designers helped shape. This is the landscape that inspired the Group of Seven: towering red pines, outcrops of the oldest granite on Earth, stunning lake vistas. HTFC understood this iconic setting is central to the lives and livelihoods of residents, and through years of conscientious consultation, helped the community realize its vision in stages, each bolder and better supported than the last. The success of the new downtown and waterfront is a testament to durable process and the power of place.

We are tremendously proud of this award winning work, and would like to thank the CSLA for this recognition.  For more information on the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, please visit: