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Kipekiskwaywinan: Our Voices

Kipekiskwaywinan (rurog;aladD), or “Our Voices”, is the culmination of a decade-long collaborative process between York Factory First Nation (YFFN) and HTFC Planning & Design. Kipekiskwaywinan is YFFN’s environmental assessment of the Keeyask hydroelectric generation project and represents an unprecedented, candid, and emotional project assessment drawing from the traditional knowledge, experience, and values of the YFFN Cree.

This planning process and report are built on traditions in regional landscape planning, and address human relationships with the land at a broad scale of a First Nation’s traditional lands.

Kipekiskwaywinan was submitted as part of a ‘two-track’ Environmental Impact Statement, which included a distinct ‘track’ of assessment built on the traditional knowledge of northern Cree communities.

HTFC continues to work with YFFN, a partner in the Keeyask Project, through the regulatory and licensing process and implementation and monitoring of the Keeyask Project.

In 2015 YFFN and HTFC received a National Merit Award from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects for Kipekiskwaywinan.

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