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Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park

Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park establishes a completely new model for the interpretation of historic landscapes in cities. Working closely with The Friends of Upper Fort Garry, the design team composed of HTFC and Cohlmeyer Architecture envisioned a heritage site that looks forward as well as back, using cutting-edge technology and art to encourage visitors to debate, question, and attend to the history that made us who we are, and continues to be written today.

This National Historic Site is situated in the heart of Winnipeg’s downtown, and is one of Western Canada’s most significant historic assets. Its stories are rich, complex and controversial. To help capture this richness, the park overlays actual and estimated building locations from historic records to create a pattern of intersecting and overlapping layers, representing history as a ‘distillation of rumours’. Limestone plinths will be constructed at building locations supporting installations and gardens inspired by the building functions. The plan also includes a dramatic 400-foot weathering steel wall inscribed with graphics, speakers and a digital light array that will showcase community-based programming and content.

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