Myriad Memories

Click on a strand to reveal the moment, place or person it represents in this tapestry woven by our staff.

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May your holidays be filled with good cheer and kinship, recalling the unique moments that entwine our lives so beautifully.

Boreal Forest Pysanky Tulips Raspberries R.E.M. Album Anyu Embroidery Brighton Beach Valenzuela City Family Farm Hillside Beach Tunapuna, Trinidad Challah Scones Alexandra Falls Fynbos Souris Bridge Modbury, Devon Blueberries Music Recipe L'église St. Lupicin Embroidery Pyrography Parol Umito, Italy Lesse, Belgium Holstein Mati Sundarbans Mangrove Prairie Crocus Tartan Miðvágur, Faroe Islands

Boreal Forest

Invaluable time learning Saskatchewan's northern provincial forest.


My family has lots of Ukrainian traditions that have been passed down through the generations. Making pysanky (Ukrainian easter eggs) is one of my favourites when I think about my heritage.


My family is from the Netherlands and as a plant designer I chose to submit one of the plants its known for.


My Opa always grew raspberries, picking the best ones from the middle of the patch for his grandchildren with us having no knowledge as to where his love of them stemmed from, only to find out this past year that Malina, his hometown in Poland, translates to raspberry in English.

R.E.M. Album

I received R.E.M.’s Murmur album one Christmas and now its an annual listening tradition. 

Anyu Embroidery

Close up of a traditional beaded smock floral motif from the Timis area of Romania where I was born. Romanian crafts are celebrated around the world: fine textiles, carved wooden furniture, ceramics, hammered copper utensils, painted eggs, delicate glasswork, and hand-worked leather are among the items traditional Romanian craftspeople have brought to an amazing level of artistry. 

Brighton Beach

A Christmas morning walk along the Brighton Seafront with my husband and our labrador – a cherished tradition during our time living in England.

Valenzuela City

Valenzuela City in the Philippines where I grew up.

Family Farm

My daughter on our family farm in Macdonald, Manitoba.

Hillside Beach

Sunsets with family at Hillside Beach.

Tunapuna, Trinidad

My dad's photographs of Trinidad showcase both our roots and the beautiful diversity of the landscape.


The challah, the traditional bread for Shabbat, had a prominent spot on the tables of my ancestors in Galicia and Germany as well as our home in Canada.


My mom’s Scottish raisin scones, a recipe passed down from her mom to my kids.

Alexandra Falls

Fond memories of visiting this waterfall with my family, growing up in the Northwest Territories.


The Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa, my home, is the world’s smallest and richest concentration of plant species. 

Souris Bridge

My great grandfather was a carpenter who built many structures that still stand in Souris, Manitoba – that tradition was carried on by my uncle, who helped build the famous swinging bridge. 

Modbury, Devon

Modbury, Devon, England: ancestral village on my mother’s side. One of my very favourite landscapes.


Picking blueberries with my family in Belair Provincial Forest.


Played at our memorial services, this hymn carries a sense of connection in nature and continuity through generations of my mother’s family.


Our Canadian family Christmas gatherings include big groups, seasonal chaos and many prairie settler recipes, such as Company’s Coming series and this Overnight French Toast recipe. 

L'église St. Lupicin

The general store built by my great-great grandfather in St. Lupicin, Manitoba.


Embroidery worn on traditional Ukrainian clothing for celebrations.


When my grandparents lived in Paraguay, my grandfather used leather pyrography to make the design on this guampa, used for drinking tereré (cold yerba mate tea).


The parol is a traditional Filipino lantern displayed at Christmas time.

Umito, Italy

 My grandparents' village.

Lesse, Belgium

My great, great grandparents’ home in Lesse, Belgium.


A bird’s eye view of my Volga German great-grandparents' hometown in Holstein, Lower Volga River, Russia.


The ‘mati’ wards against the evil eye – a look that brings bad luck due to envy or dislike – was seminal growing up in a Greek household. My mom made sure I, and later my children, wore a mati and would symbolically spit on us for protection if we weren’t wearing it.

Sundarbans Mangrove

The world’s largest mangrove forest near my home in Bangladesh.

Prairie Crocus

Soft, fuzzy coats of prairie crocus herald spring in Manitoba.


I am of Scottish descent and wear the Earl of St. Andrews tartan for bagpiping.

Miðvágur, Faroe Islands

My family is from Miðvágur, a small village on the Faroe Islands.