HTFC wins Manitoba Planning Excellence Award

HTFC Planning & Design has won a 2017 Manitoba Planning Excellence Award for The Municipal Planning Guide to Zoning Bylaws in Manitoba.

The Honourable Eileen Clarke, Minister of Indigenous and Municipal Relations, presented the award at the 2017 Manitoba Planning Conference, which was held May 10 – 12 at the Delta Hotel in Winnipeg.

The Manitoba Planning Excellence Awards “acknowledge individuals, organizations, companies and Manitoba planning authorities (municipalities and planning districts) in their efforts to enhance communities through innovative and high quality planning initiatives” (Manitoba Indigenous and Municipal Relations).[Click here to view all of the awards]

Developed by HTFC Planning & Design with support from McCandless Tramley Municipal Lawyers and Fotenn Consultants, The Municipal Planning Guide to Zoning Bylaws in Manitoba was chosen as an example of a high quality planning initiative by a panel of jurors from Manitoba’s professional planning community.

The Guide provides practical advice on the role and function of zoning for municipalities and planning districts across Manitoba, from rural agricultural municipalities to larger urban centres. The Guide also provides innovative tools for creating new zoning bylaws or updating existing zoning regulations to implement development plan policies related to active transportation, mixed-use development, affordable housing, historical preservation, renewable energy and more.

2017 Manitoba Planning Excellence Awards were also awarded to The City of Brandon Culture Plan and the Holistic Approach to Organizational and Operational Improvement in the Red River Planning District. HTFC Planning & Design was also nominated for its role in developing the Winnipeg Downtown Protected Bike Lane System, along with project lead WSP/MMM Group Limited and the City of Winnipeg.


Photo supplied by Jeremy Sewell.