Kenora Age-Friendly Strategic Plan

The Kenora Age-Friendly Strategic Plan highlights Kenora’s strengths as a community for people of all ages. It also identifies opportunities for Kenora to become a more age-friendly city in the future, using an analysis of the 8 age-friendly topic areas identified by the World Health Organization.

HTFC Planning & Design developed the Kenora Age-Friendly Strategic Plan alongside a steering committee comprised of representatives from sixteen local organizations working with seniors, health care, and housing.

The plan was designed to address the ideas and true needs of seniors and service providers in Kenora. To hear these words, HTFC and the steering committee met with seniors in the places where they live and spend time; focus groups were held at the New Horizon’s Seniors Centre, Women’s Place, and several apartment buildings in Kenora and Keewatin.

Three documents were created as part of this project:

  1. The Kenora Age-Friendly Services Guide (2016-2017)
  2. The Kenora Age-Friendly Strategic Plan
  3. The Kenora Age-Friendly Action Plan

HTFC presented the plan at the Kenora Seniors’ Housing Forum on March 30, 2016.