The Kenora Wayfinding Signage Project

The Wayfinding Signage project, a phase of the Kenora Revitalization Plan, aims to make City travel easy for both residents and tourists travelling by car, bus, bike, on foot, and even by boat! The first phase of implementation of the wayfinding plan is complete. The design reinforces the clean lines and rustic touches that have become synonymous with recent Kenora Projects. The rocky, tree-lined aesthetic of the natural environment is reflected in the design palette with the use of local materials such as granite and wood imagery while coloured aluminum panels add longevity and modernity.

Also, to reflect the first nation people who have inhabited the area for thousands of years, the Ojibwe language is used to direct people and all kiosks include the Ojibwe greeting Nishin key-be-sheyen (It’s good that you are here).

Signs are colour-coded based on district (green for First Avenue District, red for Downtown, and blue for the Habourfront). Key city and lake features are marked on all maps on the kiosks and on District Directional Signs. Future phases of implementation will include additional kiosks at key locations.