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Armstrong’s Point Heritage Conservation District

HTFC and other members of the project team, SPAR and Historyworks, were retained by the City of Winnipeg in 2014 to undertake the investigation of a Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Study for Winnipeg. The intent of the study was to provide the basis for Winnipeg’s Public Service Department to develop policies and procedures for the designation of areas that demonstrate special architectural and historic interest. The study was divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1: Development of an overview and situational analysis of the current City of Winnipeg context for heritage planning and the preparation of a comparative analysis of Heritage Conservation District practices in other cities.

  • Phase 2: Develop a case study, applying the recommended HCD practices to the Armstrong’s Point neighbourhood and to prepare a draft HCD plan for Armstrong’s Point.

The resulting study was adopted by the City of Winnipeg in early 2015 and formed the basis for the City of Winnipeg to move forward with a study and plan for the designation of Armstrong’s Point as a Heritage Conservation District. This will serve as a model case for the establishment of a Heritage Conservation District Designation Program for other Winnipeg neighbourhoods.

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