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Fisher River Cree Nation Community Plan

Working closely with the Fisher River Cree Nation, HTFC undertook a comprehensive planning process to develop a Community Plan for the Cree Nation’s reserve lands.

The planning process was driven by the community’s vision, land management objectives, and short and long-term needs of community members. The process involved extensive input from community members and stakeholders to determine future population growth and characteristics, the land’s capacity and capability to support development, and the adequacy of existing programs and facilities .

The final Community Plan included land use and development recommendations for Fisher River Cree Nation for a 20-year time frame. The Cree Nation has been implementing the plan since 2010, with HTFC providing on-going advice on land use, site design and facilities design and development.

The Plan received a Manitoba Planning Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community Planning in 2012.

HTFC is currently working with Fisher River Cree Nation in the design of a multi-use performance stage.

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