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Greenstone Sustainable Community Development Plan

Over a three-year period, HTFC worked with the Municipality of Greenstone in Northern Ontario on a community-based approach to determine land use and planning priorities in preparation for the Ring of Fire mining development and other resource development opportunities in the region.

In 2012, HTFC led a community planning charrette process to determine the ambitions and development orientation of industry, three levels of government, and each of the neighbourhoods that make up the Municipality of Greenstone.

Building on the community charrette process, HTFC conducted an opportunities and constraints analysis and prepared a Growth Plan to address possible growth scenarios arising from the Ring of Fire and other regional development activities.

Using the growth scenarios projected by the previous studies, HTFC prepared a Land Assembly Strategy to initiate the acquisition of Crown Lands for future development needs and position Greenstone in advance of resource development in the region.

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