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Lake Minnewasta Carrying Capacity Study

In 1992, HTFC was involved in the initial Lake Minnewasta Environmental Assessment/Recreation Development Capacity Study to assess the development potential and carrying capacity of Lake Minnewasta. In 2012, HTFC collaborated with TetraTech and Trek Geotechnical Consultants to re-examine Lake Minnewasta’s carrying capacity.

HTFC was responsible for examining the existing and future land use, and development potential of Lake Minnewasta, the lands surrounding the lake, and the Deadhorse Creek watershed upstream of Lake Minnewasta. HTFC conducted an analysis of resource and land use, development policies, regulations and plans in the watershed and shoreland areas.

The final report recommended measures to protect and sustain water quality and shoreland.

Project Details

  • Regional Planning
  • City of Morden, Morden Stanley Thompson Winkler Planning District
  • 1992 and 2013