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Canadian Heritage Rivers Planning & Management

HTFC Planning & Design has extensive experience in the assessment and planning of river heritage and recreation resources. For more than 25 years, the firm has undertaken various Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS) planning projects, including developing background reports, nomination documents, and management plans for Parks Canada and provincial and territorial governments concerning Heritage Rivers in Western Canada. Our experience includes:

The Canadian Heritage Rivers System Prototype Study: Assiniboine and Bloodvein Rivers (1981);

The Clearwater Heritage River Management Plan (1984);

The Bloodvein Heritage River Management Plan (1986);

Yukon Heritage Rivers System Plan (1987);

The 1997 Canadian Heritage River Systems Study of Rivers in Manitoba (1997);

The Canadian Heritage Rivers System: Red River Background Report (1998);

The Canadian Heritage River System: Bloodvein River Monitoring Report 1987- 2000 (2000);

Hayes River Management Plan (2006);

Red River Nomination Document (2005) and Management Plan (2006).

Project Details

  • Regional Planning
  • Parks and Protected Spaces Branch, Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship
  • 1981 - 2006