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Sioux Lookout & Hudson Downtown Revitalization Study

Sioux Lookout is the third largest community in Northwestern Ontario. As the northernmost outpost for essential services, the community serves as a gathering point and southern gateway for 30,000 people living in 29 remote First Nations communities north of the settlement. As a result of shifting economic drivers Sioux Lookout has been transitioning from a blue-collar railway town into a white-collar service centre, and premiere international tourism destination. As a result, a growing number of residents and visitors are looking for an experience that mixes rugged beauty with modern comforts. In the fall of 2008, the municipality retained HTFC to guide the community through the process of translating and reflecting these growing trends and values into the physical form of the community. Over the next 18 months, HTFC worked with the Sioux Lookout Economic Development Commission, stakeholder groups, and the public to re-envision Sioux Lookout’s urban core, waterfront, community parks, derelict cultural buildings, regional wayfinding system and community trails system. The resulting master plan includes community driven and approved conceptual plans for Front Street, Centennial Park and Train Station, the Beach and Marina, the Frog Rapids Gateway, secondary gateways, image routes, trailheads, and multi-use public trails. Each plan is accompanied by a thorough analysis of the real challenges facing the implementation of each development and an order of magnitude budget. The prioritized master plan was presented to the community in 2009 and ratified by the EDC in early 2010. Since its adoption, the plan has been essential to building community consensus and securing ongoing construction funding. Between 2011 and 2015, HTFC assisted the municipality with the implementation of the Frog Rapids Gateway and Front and Wellington Intersection and phase one for the Train Station Site Renovations. HTFC is currently working on a broader economic development strategy for the region, and is in design development for upcoming construction on the Beach and Front Street initiatives.

Project Details

  • Community Planning
  • Municipality of Sioux Lookout Economic Development Commission
  • 2008 - 2010