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University of Manitoba Campus Developments

HTFC works closely with the University of Manitoba to shape the urban fabric of the Fort Garry Campus into a connected, sustainable, walkable and supportive northern environment that supports student life, community development, and world class research. For over two decades, HTFC has developed multi-faceted projects ranging from campus precinct plans, wayfinding and circulation plans, revegetation strategies, and growth visioning plans. HTFC has also worked on site specific projects such as pedestrian corridors, plazas, courtyards, outdoor research labs, cultural parks, and roofdeck developments for this growing institution.

HTFC is dedicated to working closely with multiple stakeholders such as administration, faculty, students and facility managers designing to meet complex program, maintenance and user needs with flexibility, sustainability and expansion as core drivers for each commission.

The Active Living Centre and The Taché Hall Centre for Music, Art & Design, opening in 2015 and 2016 respectively, are HTFC’s most recent contributions to the ongoing infill projects in the Campus core. Projects completed over the past decade include ArtLab, Arthur Mauro Student Residence, Engineering Information and Technology Centre, Buller Forecourt, the Dysart Road Entry Experience, Richardson Centre for Neutraceuticals, and the Welcome Centre. Legacy projects at the heart of this 125 year old campus include the UMSU Roofdeck, Princess Elizabeth Way, the Quadrangle, and the Chancellor Matheson Greenway.

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