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Variety Heritage Adventure Park

The Variety Heritage Adventure Park (VHAP) is a groundbreaking multigenerational play-place located at The Forks in Winnipeg. A wondrous adventure in every season, the park interweaves the rich natural, Aboriginal, trade, immigration, transportation, and agricultural history of Manitoba into a fun place for all cultures.

Ideas, information and activities are layered within themed play zones creating limitless play and learning possibilities. The South Point zone explores first nations relationships with the land through a firepit, tipi, medicine grove, canoe, wolf tracker puzzle, and beading game while the Railway Zone takes visitors on a train ride to the settlement of Western Canada. Whether it is the York boat, climbing walls, bastion, and trading post of the Fort Zone, the flood markers, docks, giant fish stencils, and dynamic water play features of the Red River Zone, or the open air stage, giant fiddles, oxcart slide and bison lookout of the Francophone Quarter, the park reveals a new idea, mood or challenge at every visit through quiet, social, physical, imaginative and guided play modes. The VHAP is fully integrated into Manitoba’s school curriculum, and programmed for all seasons by Parks Canada, and welcomes more than 80,000 visitors annually.

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