Jeffrey M. Frank


Senior Advisor

Jeff is responsible for numerous commissions ranging from traditional site planning and development projects to forward-thinking institutional design, urban renewal, and regional planning studies. Jeff draws on his intimate understanding of the distinctive landscapes he works in, to achieve great value for clients, while balancing function with beauty. Bringing an extensive understanding of landscape process and business development to his work, he regularly transforms improbable dreams into thriving enterprises. This is most apparent in his ongoing tourism development work for regional centres such as Dryden and Kenora. Jeff’s life long passion for living with the land and commitment to community make him a sought-out advocate for sustainable development initiatives and policies throughout Manitoba.

Holder of both a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies and a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Manitoba, Jeff’s extra-curricular passions include downhill skiing and building things. He has a long history of community volunteerism, exemplified by his years of service as a member of the board of the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Jeff became a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects in 2012.

Jeff has taken on a new role at HTFC as a Senior Advisor.  He will be focussing on internal mentoring, business management, and selected project work.  

If you wish to contact Jeff, please do so through the main office at or 204.944.9907