Our New Identity

When the principals at Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram decided it was time to refresh the company’s identity, acclaimed advertising agency McKim Cringan George was brought in to guide us through the transition. MCG immediately embarked on a multi-step process to clarify our culture and place in the market. It was a challenging commission, as HTFC’s unique range of services defies labels and distillation. The new identity tackled this by redirecting attention away from specifics of what we do toward how we work and work with others.


 Here is an excerpt of the graphic designer’s rationale for the new identity:

“Every place has a unique spirit at its core. That unique spirit is intangible. It’s something you don’t necessarily see; it’s something you feel. It is something that needs to be respected and yet something that is continually shaped and transformed through time. That spirit, or essence, is represented in this symbol as a space surrounded by organic elements. It is circular because circles have been significant to peoples around the globe since time immemorial. They represent enlightenment, strength, elegance and the universe. Something whole. This ’empty’ space also speaks to potential, promise and a depth of meaning. These are things HTFC contemplates as an integral part of its planning and design process.”

inspiration-matrix“The organic forms here can represent the flora and fauna of the land, the land itself, or the natural forces that shape the land. Similar organic forms are pervasive in nature – from particles of sand to expansive land masses –  and so fittingly speak to the scope of the work that HTFC is engaged in… They also represent people who, themselves, shape and inform the character of the land. Indeed, HTFC has always concerned itself with the deep-rooted connection between people and place. Their process always involves collaboration… So, we also see this symbol as representing that collaborative spirit and process that is dynamic and versatile; malleable and comprehensive. We see opinions and ideas being shaped and informed by the ones around them. We see the spaces in between the forms as paths in, or simply representing an inherent flexibility. Solutions are found when there is a coming together. Of course, any rationale is only a starting point. This symbol’s true meaning will be formed over time as people interact with HTFC and experience their essence: A unique depth of thinking, and a dynamic process that uncovers solutions. We see this identity then, as a signature, and a promise to deliver meaningful planning and evocative design, honouring the connection between people and place.”

HTFC-RGB-transpartners-assoc-web     HTFC-Key

HTFC Principals & Associates
1. Bruce Dixon, Associate; 2. Monica Giesbrecht, Principal;  3. Jeff Frank, Principal; 4. Chris Werner, Associate;  5. Glen Manning, Principal;  6. Constantina Douvris, Associate;  7. Tim Hogan, Associate; 8. Maureen Krauss, Associate;  9. Elly Bonny, Associate; 10. Maggie Martin, Associate; 11. Jim Thomas, Principal;  12. Allan Beech, Associate.