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Cross Lake – Pimicikamak

HTFC has worked with Pimicikamak and the Cross Lake Band on a wide variety of projects since 1979, This work includes community planning, land selection and analysis, social and environmental impact assessments, resource management, and recreation planning initiatives.

HTFC provided technical advice to the Cross Lake Band and their legal counsel regarding implementation of the Northern Flood Agreement beginning in the 1980s. The firm has undertaken land selection processes, assessed land exchange parcels, reviewed and assessed easements and severance lines and aided in communication with members of the Band.

HTFC has also investigated and assessed the historic value of loss of use resulting from the improper taking of forest resources at Cross Lake, and assisted with the technical analysis and quantification of retroactive compensation.

HTFC continues to advise and assist the Band with implementation of the Northern Flood Agreement, needs assessments, recreation planning, and site design.

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