Celebrating 10 years of Get Off Your Butt & Ski participation: a piece of cake

HTFC Planning & Design’s newly drafted ski team, the Sesquicentennial Slumber Party, found themselves on the podium with bronze medals at the annual Get Off Your Butt & Ski Corporate Challenge – tallying 31 laps of race route tracked in an hour. Full disclosure: we actually tied with 3 other teams for third place. Elly Bonny, ...

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WFP Column: Duets – A Seamless Fit

Duets: Designing for living things -- urban and fashion visions share common thread Everyone designs. From inspired entrepreneurs full to the brim with ideas for our city to the many pop-up shops that have emerged in our downtown. From the local coffee shop on the corner to the delicate, delicious artisan pastries that we can’t help but devour, ...

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Sahtu Land Use Plan Assessment Report Released

In February 2017, the Sahtu Land Use Planning Board released the Sahtu Land Use Plan Assessment Report prepared by HTFC Planning & Design. The Sahtu Land Use Planning Board (SLUPB) is responsible for developing and monitoring the implementation of a land use plan that guides development and conservation of a vast area of land — four ...

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