Media Release: Glen Manning to join the CSLA College of Fellows

Winnipeg, MB – HTFC Planning & Design's principal, Glen Manning, will be welcomed by the CSLA College of Fellows during the Congress of the World Design Summit, held at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal on October 19th, 2017, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the profession (Executed Works, Service to the Community or the ...

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Media Release: Art & Design Tours Launched

Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg has an interesting story to share. This summer, the Winnipeg Arts Council and HTFC Planning & Design, invites Winnipeg citizens to become tourists in their own city, with guided tours to uncover and showcase the great spaces and places that are making the city a well-designed, dynamic place to live and play. ...

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Garry Held On Tight

I did not know Garry very well in his life outside the office, but it was pretty clear that he held on tight to the things he really cared about: his family, his music, his creative impulses, and his privacy. Garry certainly held on tight to Upper Fort Garry. That is why I am glad Faye selected this place to remember Garry, rather than the ...

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Media Release: Upper Fort Garry Park challenges 150 people to picnic in advance of Canada’s 150th Celebration

Winnipeg, MB – To kick off the Canada 150 celebration weekend, the Friends of Upper Fort Garry are challenging Winnipeggers to take their lunch outside for a picnic and two hours of live music at the park. Can Winnipeg form one of the largest downtown picnics to mark Canada’s 150th birthday – you’ll have to attend to see for yourself: ...

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WFP Column: Duets – A slice of urban life

Duets: A slice of urban life - Red Ember food truck creates conversation around public space activity Everyone designs. From inspired entrepreneurs full to the brim with ideas for our city to the many pop-up shops that have emerged in our downtown. From the local coffee shop on the corner to the delicate, delicious artisan pastries that we ...

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Nearly 1,000 kilometers logged by HTFC staff for annual Commuter Challenge Week

For staff at HTFC Planning & Design, participation in the annual Commuter Challenge Week meant big pay-offs with the first-ever Commuter Challenge Auction. Participating staff drew HTFC Bucks in varying denominations daily, with bonus bucks rewarded to those who: switched their transportation mode; sent a photo of their trek to work; and ...

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