Meet HTFC’s Newest Principals

HTFC’s Principals at Millennium Library Park, June 2014. From left to right: Jeffrey Frank, Elly Bonny, Maureen Krauss, James Thomas, Glen Manning, Tim Hogan, & Monica Giesbrecht


HTFC is excited to announce our plans for the future.

Jim Thomas, Jeff Frank, Monica Giesbrecht, and Glen Manning are very pleased to announce the addition of
Elly Bonny, Tim Hogan, and Maureen Krauss as Principals of HTFC Planning & Design.

Collectively, Elly, Tim, and Maureen have over 25 years of experience with HTFC and will be contributing to expanding and managing the business.

We are delighted to have the leadership of Elly, Tim, and Maureen in charting HTFC’s journey in the years ahead.